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Lion's Mane Powder - 2/22 Pickup

Lion's Mane Powder - 2/22 Pickup

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Lion's Mane mushroom powder is a great addition to your drink or food of choice. Add some in to your morning smoothie, or use it as a soup base. The possibilities are endless!
  • Net weight: 1 oz (30 g)
  • Approximately 30 servings per jar
  • Made with pure Lion's Mane fruiting body grown in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Store in a cool, dry place for maximum longevity.

Ingredients: Lion's Mane mushroom (hericium erinaceus).

Pickup date & time: 3-6 PM Thursday 2/22

Pickup instructions:

Our address is 226 East Palmer Ave, Tallahassee FL, 32301. We are in a white warehouse directly across Palmer Avenue from Downtown Community Church and share a parking lot with Bond Community Health Clinic.

On the end of the building facing Palmer Ave, you will see a Play of Sunlight sign next to a glass door and large window. When you are ready to pickup your order, use the doorbell to notify us you're outside. Please place a purchase online before notifying us you are outside.


Our building is not open to the public and for liability purposes we do not allow visitors during order pick ups. We kindly ask that you do not request an impromptu tour, to look around, to use the restroom etc.

We will not be offering refunds for any missed pick ups.

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