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3/31 Shiitake Log Workshop Ticket

3/31 Shiitake Log Workshop Ticket

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Everyone loves shiitake! In this workshop we will learn one of the oldest methods of mushroom cultivation: inoculating hardwood logs. Shiitake has been cultivated on hardwood logs in Japan for hundreds of years. This process is slow and natural, with logs taking 4-6 months or more to fruit for the first time. After that, fruiting can occur several times a year for two or more years.

Ideally, logs are sustainably gleaned during the process of thinning young trees in the under canopy of an area of forest. Logs that are 4-8" in diameter and about 4' length are ideal. We try to inoculate our logs with mushroom spawn very soon after cutting to insure no other competitor fungi move in. In this workshop we will provide fresh logs, shiitake mushroom spawn and all the tools for drilling and plugging the logs. We will also cover proper long term care for your log and how to induce forced fruiting for out of season mushroom harvests! Everyone gets a log!

All ages welcome!

Date: March 31, 2024

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: UF/IFAS Leon County Extension

 615 Paul Russel Rd

Instructions: Please bring a confirmation of your ticket purchase for when you arrive.

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